Ace Nailz & Lashes by Karen...

Nail Myths & Tips:

Nail Myths:
Number 1: Nails need to breathe!
No they do not. They are not alive, once the nail grows past your cuticle it is dead, just like your hair.

Number 2: Gel polish is better for your nails!
Oh no it isnt! The Main ingredients in both L&P acrylic and Gel polish are very closely related. They are both from the same Acrylic family so therefore Gel is a type of acrylic and will not damage nails.

Number 3: Eating Calcium & Gelatin will strengthen nails!
Sorry all you Haribo addicts but this is untrue! Nothing you can eat will make healthy nail plates become stronger although poor nutrition can make them weaker.

Number 4: Acrylic is bad for you because it has such a strong smell!
Nope, a bad smell merely means that your brain does not like the odour. It doesnt mean the chemical is more toxic or dangerous because it has a strong smell.

Number 5: White spots or a white half moon on nail plate mean you have a vitamin or mineral deficency!
Nope white spots are caused by minor injury to the nail matrix the area where the nail plate is formed.
The half moon shape at the base of the nail is called the Lunula this is the visible part of the Matrix and everyone has it, its just not always visible.

​Number 6: Biting your nails regularly will stop them from ever growing back!
So untrue! Your nails grow outward towards the fingertip from the nail bed which lies under the cuticle. so long as your cuticle/matrix is healthy your nails WILL grow back! So stop nibbling!

Number 7: Cuticles should be cut away!
NO NO NO! The cuticle is a dead colourless tissue attached to the nail plate. Its job is to seal the space between the nail plate and skin. Removing it you make yourself susceptible to infections, fungus and hang nails, each time it will regrow heavier and thicker. It is however ok to soften the cuticles and gently push back with a cuticle stick.

Nail Tips & Facts!

Number 1:
Before applying a dark or vibrant nail polish apply a base coat to prevent staining! If you don't have a base coat you can use a clear or pale polish in the same way.

Number 2:
In a hurry for your polish to dry, when its slightly tacky apply a drop of cuticle oil to the nail and gentle glide it over the polish it will remove the tackiness but you will still need to be careful with them.

Number 3:
If you smudge nail polish whilst its still sticky either lick your finger and gently smooth the polish back into place or use your tongue to smooth it out! Sounds Gross but it works!

Number 4:
Never shake your nail polish bottles this will cause air bubbles to form and make the polish application rough and appear irregular. Gently roll the bottle between your palms instead.

​Number 5:
Nails grow on average 3.7mm per month. Nails grow faster in the summer than the winter. Children's nails grow more rapidly, while elderly peoples grow at a slower rate. The nail on the middle finger grows the fastest and the thumb the slowest.

Lash Tips: