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​​No MMA used.

What is MMA?

MMA or Methyl MethAcrylate is a substance used in some salons.  MMA can cause nail disfigurement as well as infections to the nail bed.  It is a liquid, which can be mixed with acrylic powder to produce false nails. MMA is the cheaper alternative to EMA, Ethyl MethAcrylate, which is used by reputable nails technicians. MMA is classed as a banned substance in American, Australia and New Zealand, but incredibly it has not been banned in the United Kingdom. Once applied MMA is an extremely hard substance, which does not bond well to the natural nail plate, therefore it can only adhere to the nail through mechanical adhesion, which requires large amounts of damage to the natural nail, through the use of nail drills. Drilling of the natural nail can cause severe damage, in some cases permanent damage.  Reported cases state bacterial infections, swollen cuticles, redness, itching, and soreness. Continuous wear thins the nail plate enabling the MMA to penetrate the nail bed and tissue. It has been reported; that long term wear of MMA acrylic can seriously impair your health. When the MMA applied nail, is knocked or banged it will cause severe trauma to your natural nail and in some cases the natural nail can been ripped off from the cuticle.  This can be extremely painful and damaging even resulting in a trip to casualty.

Signs to tell if a salon is substandard and using MMA:
No client consultation takes place to check for allergies or medical conditions 
The technicians will normally be wearing a mask to prevent inhaling the odour or dust from the MMA
Use of electric drills to help the MMA bond to the natural nail
Bottles are often not labeled, which makes identifying the product impossible
Prices are usually very cheap, from £15 onwards
​No after-care or maintenance is discussed

Products used;

I only use reputable products.

​I use Nsi Attraction Liquid (Monomer) and powder (Polymer) for acrylic nails.

Other branded products used are: Millennium Nails, Crystal Nails, Essential Nails, Nubar, Salon pro, Pro impressions.

Gel polish Brands I use:

IBD Just Gel, Gelax, Crystalac, Gelish.

Products available to buy:

Cuticle Oil, Nail Files, Moisturising cream, Home removal kits for Acrylic & Gel polish, Polish and OPI nail envy.